Simple Recording Kit for Laptop Computers

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Many media creators are interested the benefits of having a simple recording kit. Recording studios are often too expensive to use or to build and maintain. In addition, projects are often completed more effectively and affordably in the local region where other members of the recording team live, such as the narrators and accuracy checkers. For those reasons and many more, we would like to recommend a simple recording kit that can be used anywhere. It is designed to be:

  • simple to set up
  • easy to use
  • low cost
  • versatile for various recording scenarios
  • capable of high quality recording
  • complete with all the important features and functions necessary for a team to work efficiently

The Kit

  • Laptop computer – you provide your own
  • Mic – Zoom H2n
  • USB cable*
  • Tripod stand*
  • Foam windscreen*
  • Mic clip adapter (for using a standard mic stand instead of the tripod)*
  • Case for Zoom H2n*
  • Headphones with carrying bag
  • Solar charging powered speaker
  • 3.5mm Y adapter cable (TRS)

*these things are included in the Zoom H2n accessory kit

How the Kit Works

The Zoom H2n is used like a USB mic in this kit setup. Use the windscreen over the Zoom H2n to reduce the force of air moving from the narrator’s voice. Speaking some letters and syllables may cause air blasts that are too strong for the mic (a common problem for all microphones). The windscreen will help to prevent the recorded sound from being distorted or having too much bass. For more information on setting up the Zoom H2n for voice recording, see this post: Zoom H2n – Voice Recording Setup

The 3.5mm Y adapter cable allows the solar powered speaker and a set of headphones to be plugged in at the same time. During most moments of recording and editing, the needs of the entire team can be met by the audio played back through the speaker. This provides the entire recording team with a strong feeling of working together and the confidence of hearing the same thing. Whenever the recording specialist or accuracy checker needs to listen more carefully to a section of the recording, the headphones can quickly be used without plugging and unplugging cables.

The Zoom H2n has a standard size 1/4 inch (0.25 inch) camera mount connection on the bottom. The small tripod stand may work well in some recording scenarios, but the mic clip adapter allows the use of a standard mic stand. This allows a lot more versatility for positioning the mic comfortably for the narrator. Feel welcome to improvise your own solution to position the mic. For example, we have attached the Zoom H2n to an old broom handle when a mic stand was not available.

Versatile Components

All of the items in this kit are useful for many other media creation and distribution needs beyond just recording voice narration. The ability for these components to adapt and excel in this way adds significant benefits for media specialists. The Zoom H2n mic can be used as a USB mic or as a battery powered stand alone recording device. It can be adjusted to record sound in one direction like we suggest for narration. It can also be adjusted to record sounds to the left and right, or even from all directions equally. This provides many advantages for recording music, interviews, meetings, or sound for video.

The solar speaker also has additional advantages. It can be used for larger group listening and review of the recording. The speaker also includes a cable and common adapters to charge mobile phones from the speaker’s internal battery.

A set of quality headphones are useful for so many types of projects. The cables, stands and cases are compatible for use in many other tasks common to audio, video and mobile devices.

Where to buy

We recommend these sources simply because we try to support the livelihood of businesses that specialize in audio. We find their prices to be among the lowest on the market. Often they provide expert advice, support and extended warranty on equipment that general retailers do not provide. We do not receive any rewards or compensation from any of the audio equipment suppliers at the links below for recommending them.

The cost for the kit shown in the photo is about $340 USD (does not include laptop computer).

Zoom H2n
Zoom H2n accessory kit
Y adapter


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