WavePad Audio Editor Free (App Review)

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WavePad Free is a mobile audio app designed for recording, editing and adding effects to audio files. It is very well equipped with adjustments and menu options that give the user a significant degree of control over settings that influence recording quality, editing and sharing of audio files. Users with experience recording and editing audio on laptop or desktop computers will find WavePad Android outfitted with familiar tools, capabilities and interface.

App Information

  • Platform(s): Android
  • Cost: Free, with in-app purchases for upgraded features
  • Download size: 5.58 MB
  • Version Reviewed: 5.62
  • Developer: NCH Software
  • Google Play Store: WavePad Audio Editor Free


WavePad is designed for recording, editing and effects-processing single-track mono or stereo files. It is not a multi-track recording and mixing app (NCH offers MixPad as a multi-track mobile app).


The Interface

WavePad features 3 main screens where work is done.

1. Recording Screen

The recording screen is where all recording is done. A simple row of buttons control the starting and stopping of recording while a meter indicates the strength of the sound source being captured.







2. Waveform Editing Screen

The waveform editing screen displays a recorded file as sound waves along a timeline. This screen is where editing work is done and effects can be applied.








3. File Manager Screen

The file manager screen lists recorded files and allows selecting them for simple playback or to launch them for editing in the waveform screen.

The waveform and file manager screens include menus with a robust set of tools and settings to adjust.






What are the best features?

  • Audio editing functionality is excellent. In fact, editing audio on WavePad mobile is geared for the kind of speed and precision found in desktop editing software, just using taps and gestures rather than a mouse and keyboard.
  • A good array of tools and effects are available to finalize audio recordings. You can apply edits and effects to selected passages with great precision (even adjusting the selected area to 1/100th of a second if you want to).
  • Clear visual indicators whenever audio is being recorded, played, selected, edited, etc. You don’t have to guess what is happening or what you selected.
  • All of the power, features and capabilities are there if you want to use them, but they are not in the way if you just want to do simple recording with no editing.
  • New audio can be recorded or inserted into any location on the timeline of an existing file. This is handy for editing or for recording longer passages one section at a time in a single file.


What is missing?

  • Ability to save files directly to microSD
    • Easy solution: use a file manager app to move batches of recorded files from onboard memory to your microSD card when you are finished with them)
  • Ability to save files in MP3 format in free version
    • Easy solution: Just keep your WAV files as high-quality masters and use a format conversion app like NCH’s Switch Audio Convertor to make MP3’s that are nicely sized for easy sharing.
  • Mic gain adjustment control on the recording screen (it is located in a settings menu)
  • Possible compatibility issues with Android Oreo (8.x) & Pie (9.x). Mobile devices running the these versions may display a grey area preventing access to the recording control buttons.
  • English is currently the only language available for the app interface (but this has not prevented non-English speaking beginners from quickly learning the basic functions and navigation).


Is the Free Version Useful to a Media Creator?

With many apps the free version has too many limitations or discouraging aspects for a person wanting to go from start to finish on a recording project in a single app. However, this is not the case with WavePad Free. As long as you have onboard memory space and don’t mind working with high-quality WAV format, you can record, edit and save files with the free version.


Which features are available through In-App Purchases?

  • Remove ads – $0.99
  • Save audio as ringtone/notification – $2.99
  • Unlock output formats like MP3 – $4.99
  • Unlocked all effects shown in menus – $4.99

There is also an option to purchase all of those features at one time for $9.99


Final Thoughts

WavePad is a versatile app for recording and editing audio. Beginners should find the interface and workflow intuitive. Experienced audio specialists will recognize that the desktop-editor-like capabilities are a rare find on the mobile platform and be undoubtedly inspired to do more recording, editing and even complete production with their mobile device.

NCH also offers WavePad as a desktop application for Windows and Mac.

Disclaimer: This is an independent review. Platform 127 has no affiliation with any equipment or software companies mentioned in this article.

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